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Simple and Effective


CLUBWORKS is perfect for clubs and organizations who want to eliminate the manual labour of paper forms and excel spreadsheets


When your members pay by credit card online, CLUBWORKS automatically generates an order, marks them as “paid”, and sends a confirmation email.


Whether you’re running a municipal rowing club, a local motorcycle club, or a regional sports tournament, CLUBWORKS doesn’t limit the number of members you wish to manage.


Design your own customized registration forms, and offer a variety of options and prices. The data collected will automatically be formatted into several reports.

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Pricing: 1% of sales, billed monthly

Accept payments via

  • Free Setup
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Unlimited Members
  • Phone Support
I can't even imagine organizing Frosh Week without CLUBWORKS. It allows easy tracking of registration numbers and payment. We were also able to keep track of students dietary restrictions and other accessibility needs. CLUBWORKS significantly cut down wait times for students registering in person while reducing chances of error allowing us to focus on more important things. CLUBWORKS has become a necessity when planning Frosh Week for UTM. -Berkha G, Student Union President UTM Students' Union, U of Toronto
I and a friend had the hefty responsibility of organising our college's whole Orientation week for over 500 students by ourselves with staff we picked. CLUBWORKS helped us categorise payments and students so well it left us free to focus on the important things, like food and activities. The whole process was fun and successful in large part due to the ease with which CLUBWORKS let us organise ourselves. I can't recommend it enough. -Sean J, Orientation Coordinator St. Mike's College, U of Toronto